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Design Engineering

Design Engineers use software such computer-aided design (CAD) or to computer-aided industrial design (CAD) to sketch ideas, make changes, develop models or create specific machine-readable instructions that tell other machines exactly how to build the product. This process gives the first visualisation of how the final product will look.

A design engineer usually works with a team of other engineers and other types of designers (e.g. industrial designers), to develop conceptual and detailed designs that ensure a product functions, performs, and is fit for its purpose. They may also work with marketers to develop the product concept and specifications to meet customer needs, and may direct the design effort. In many engineering areas, a distinction is made between the “design engineer” and other engineering roles (e.g. planning engineer, project engineer, test engineer). Analysis tends to play a larger role for the latter areas, while synthesis is more paramount for the former; nevertheless, all such roles are technically part of the overall engineering design process.